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THE NEW - Fashion for the Coolest Kids 

Welcome to THE NEW. We began in 2016 with a mission to inspire children to embrace the world with open arms, confidence, and amazing style. We believe that the clothes we wear can be more than just fabric and seams. They can be a source of strength and confidence. Therefore, our designs are carefully created to highlight children's personalities, encourage their bravery, and give them the freedom to be authentic. We design clothing for children aged 3-16 years, and each collection is inspired by the world around us.

We believe that we are all stronger together, which is why our designs often carry a message of diversity and friendship. We value differences and believe that all children are cool just the way they are. We want to give them the opportunity to try something new, challenge the norm, find comfort in the classics, or mix it up to create their own unique style. As we say, the sun will always rise again and bring new opportunities.

To make THE NEW clothes truly special, we put extra effort into the garments’ graphic expression and details. The print patterns and motifs are modern and stylish, often infused with a touch of humour. We also incorporate beautiful embroideries, reversible sequins, uplifting statements, soft terry applications, or sparkling threads to give each piece of clothing a special expression that will excite children.

THE NEW - Clothes for the Coolest Kids - learn more about us here


THE NEW siblings - Fashion for Babies and Toddlers with Charm and Personality

In 2021, THE NEW siblings was created for babies and toddlers up to 4 years old. THE NEW siblings originates from THE NEW's well-known design DNA, but just like any other siblings, it also develops its own personality as it grows.

With siblings the focus is on high quality, comfort, and freedom for children to play and explore the world. Only the best is good enough for the little ones, so all our materials are carefully selected with a commitment to more responsible and durable options, naturally free from harmful chemicals.

Each new collection presents many adorable, soft, and comfortable styles for the youngest members of the family. We always put a lot of effort into creating enchanting, humorous, and stylish print patterns that charm both the little ones and their parents. Some patterns or motifs can also be found in THE NEW collections, allowing siblings to unite in matching outfits for special family moments.

THE NEW siblings - Clothes for Babies and Toddlers with Charm and Personality - learn more about us here


Dedicated to High Quality and Responsible Production

In close collaboration with our skilled suppliers, primarily in China and India, we are deeply committed to producing amazing high-quality children's clothing. We also strive to extend the durability of our garments as much as possible, so they can be passed on and loved by another child. For older children, we also develop several oversized styles to ensure the garment has a longer lifespan.

In recent years, we have also made great improvements to our materials, and now we use organic cotton in most of our styles. Getting our first GOTS-certified styles in 2023 was also a big step for us.

Learn more about how we take responsibility or take a look at LUXKIDS' CSR report.


Clothes for Any Moment - All Year Round

We deliver four main collections each year, along with a few small express collections. Each collection is carefully curated with styles and colours that suit the season and are easy to mix and match. THE NEW's NOOS programme also offers various jeans and timeless basic styles.

Our collections always feature extraordinary and festive party styles, as well as a wide range of amazing everyday clothing. Additionally, THE NEW offers a few styles in underwear, sleepwear, swimwear, and outerwear. Every year, we also launch a HOLIDAY programme featuring pyjamas and cosy loungewear with various Christmas patterns. The HOLIDAY programme is available in sizes for babies, children, and adults, so the whole family can get matching sets for holiday joy and comfort.

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